Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book

is a fun, quick read that will keep your child entertained and wanting more!

The book is about a child that writes to the zoo to send them a pet. The zoo sends the child a range of animals, which the child sends back for all kinds of reasons. Finally the zoo sends a puppy that the child keeps.

It is a wonderful book for newborns. The book teaches the child about different animals and their traits – the frog is too jumpy, the lion is too fierce to be a pet. The animals are hidden behind lift-flaps of different shapes and sizes that the child gets to reveal by lifting the flap. The illustrations are simple, bright and cheerful.

Tips for Parents

    This story is great for newborns because it is short, repetitive and very visual, however there are many things to discuss on each page. You may choose to start these early, or later – once your child can imitate sounds or identify animals.

  • Name the animals – The names of the animals aren’t actually mentioned in the story. It is up to you and your child to identify the animals and incorporate them into the interactive story!
  • Guess the animal – Each animal is hidden behind a flap, but there are some clues which may give it away! Point to the clue, and discuss with your child what animal could be behind the flap.
  • Imitate the sound that each animal makes, and have your child repeat
    the sounds (when they are old enough to of course!)
  • Discuss with your toddler why each of the animals wouldn’t be a good pet.

Rod Campbell

Rod Campbell is a writer and illustrator of many children’s books – his most famous book, Dear Zoo was first published in 1982.

Born in Scotland in 1945, Rod Campbell has a background in organic chemistry and it wasn’t until 1980 that he became involved in children’s books. His innovative books are interactive and include many repetitive phrases which make them ideal for your child’s library at home!


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