Coin Worksheets

Coin worksheets are an easy way to introduce your child to the concept of counting money.

coinsThis page contains six free printable worksheets containing a range of different coin related activities. And, to make it easier for parents we have also included answer sheets, showing the correct response to each question asked.

There are three different types of exercises across the six coin worksheets:

Sheets 1 and 2: These challenge your child to select the correct coins from a pile to add up to the price of an item shown.

Sheets 3 and 4: These challenge your child to match different amounts of money to the row which contains that amount in coins.

Sheets 5 and 6: These contain several rows of coins and ask your child to add up the total value in each.

Coin worksheet 1  Coin worksheet 2   Coin worksheet 3  Coin worksheet 4   Coin worksheet 5   Coin worksheet 6

Click here to download all the Coin Worksheets

Learning about money

Teaching kids about money from an early age has a number of advantages. These include:

1. Improved math: Most kids enjoy the excitement of handling money and may not even realize that they are actually doing math. Examples of how to do this are:

– I want to buy two tins of soup. Each tin costs $1.50 so how much will two cost? (Addition)

– I need to buy ten tins of tuna. Each one costs $1.20 – so how much will ten cost? (Multiplication)

– If I use a $5 note to buy that pen which costs $2, how much will I have left? (Subtraction)

– I have $10 and I want to use it to buy buckets. Each bucket is $2 – how many can I buy? (Division)

2. Money can be a good way to introduce fractions and decimals: Many children struggle with these important concepts – so getting in early and using money to help explain them is a good idea. For example, you can talk about 50 cents being half a dollar, about 25 cents being a quarter of a dollar and how $1.50 means the same as a dollar and a half.

3. International currency: At this point our worksheets are all in American money. If you are not American you can use the worksheets to explain how different countries have different types of money. And given the widespread use of American currency around the world, knowledge of US coins can only be a good thing.

4. Introduction to budgeting: Awareness of the value of money is an important life skill. Why not have some fun when shopping for dinner, by challenging your child to help you buy everything for under a certain amount of money. Together you can compare prices, add up how much you have bought and discuss alternatives.

5. Introduce estimation and rounding: The ability to estimate intelligently is another important skill for your child to develop. At the shops you can show your child how to quickly add up what you have purchased by rounding each item up or down – to gain a ballpark estimate for the total cost.


These free coin worksheets have been designed to provide you with an easy way to introduce the counting of money to your child. Once your child understands the basics of money, it is a good idea to find ways to involve your child in simple money-related conversations – as doing so provides many mathematical and life lessons.

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