Whether it’s your first parent-teacher interview or you have many under your belt, here are 7 great questions to ask at parent-teacher interviews.

    • What are my child’s strengths/weaknesses?
      You might be surprised to hear that your child is a budding mathematician or literary when they haven’t shown interest at home (or vice versa). Or he/she likes to talk a little too much in class (or too little). Whatever the answer, you can help by encouraging and reinforcing behaviour and subjects at home.


  • How is he/she doing socially? Emotionally?
    If you don’t get much out of your child at the end of the day, the teacher is your next best bet for communication. They may know if your child is being bullied (or is the bully), or if they are the social centre of their group of friends.



  • Are there any classroom relationships or conflicts that relate to my child?
    This is your opportunity to find out if your child is having any issues with or being distracted by any other kids in the classroom.



  • Does my child see/hear OK in the classroom?
    If there is a history of seeing or hearing impediments in the family, ask the teacher if your child is squinting to see the board, or consistently needs to be front row centre for a story. Picking up on any issues early is vital to ensure that it doesn’t impact your child’s learning.



  • Does she/he try their best in class?
    It is not only important that children do well, but that they have a good attitude and put in their best effort in all aspects at school.



  • What is your plan for children who struggle academically, or for those who are more advanced in certain subjects?
    Not all children learn at the same pace, so it is nice to know that your child’s teacher is aware of this and has a plan to accommodate each child – so those struggling are not left behind and all children are continually challenged.



  • Is there anything we should support from home?
    Any recommendations from your teacher regarding subjects or behaviour that you could work on at home may strengthen their ability to learn in the classroom.



If you have a great question that you have asked at a Parent-Teacher interview, please share in comments below!

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