50 States Song

This simple song is aimed to help children memorize the 50 states of America.

In elementary schools across the USA it is expected that children will learn the names of the fifty states and be able to position them on a map. This song features lines that rhyme – one line per state – and progresses across the country in an orderly and logical way.

Each line highlights a famous person, place or fact regarding the state – to give children a memory framework upon which to learn the states.

We hope that children outside of America can also benefit from this song: obviously with America’s position of prominence in the world some knowledge of its geography is an advantage and we hope this song will also drive in them greater curiosity about their own country’s places and features.

Note that as the states get smaller and more clustered towards the east of the USA we have sometimes added dots and lines to clarify exactly which state we’re referring to. These dots are not intended to refer to any specific place within the state – the dot in Illinois, for example, is certainly not trying to represent where Chicago is!

We hope parents and children alike find this little tune and rhyme fun and useful!

50 States Lyrics

We’ll start in California – there are lots of people here
Oregon’s our next stop – where it rains throughout the year

Next we’ll move to Washington – it’s in the far north-west
And then across to Idaho – potatoes are the best!

Downwards to Nevada to see Elvis take a bow
And here’s the great Grand Canyon – we’re in Arizona now

New Mexico, here we go – we’ll stay in Santa Fe
Then we’re Colorado-bound – we’ll for ski for half the day

Utah held Olympic Games – the ones with ice and snow
Wyoming’s home to Yellowstone – where all the tourists go

Montana is near Canada – its prairies are so charming
We’ll head on over to North Dakota – just the spot for farming

South Dakota’s famous for the sculptures at Rushmore
The cornhuskers of Nebraska will be welcoming for sure

We’re not in Kansas anymore said Dorothy to Toto
Oklahoma is OK – let’s stop and take a photo

It’s time to go to Texas now – the mighty lone star state
Louisiana’s food’s so nice I’m sure you’ll clear your plate

Mississippi was the home of Huckleberry Finn
It’s not too far from Arkansas where Clinton grew up in

Missouri held Olympic Games in nineteen hundred four
In Iowa look near and far – there’s lots and lots of corn

In Minnesota lakes you can gaze at your reflection
Eating cheese in Wisconsin is sampling perfection

Michigan is where they make cars in such great numbers
Ohio is the Buckeye state – its capital is Columbus

Indiana’s the place to go if it’s racing you enjoy
And now we’re not too far away from Chicago, Illinois

If we’re lucky in Kentucky our horse might just be winning
Tennessee’s the place to be if you like great singing

Down in Alabama, we’ll stay in Birmingham
I’ll see you next in Georgia with a golf club in my hand

When we visit Florida, let’s see the Everglades
And in South Carolina we’ll go surfing on the waves

North Carolina’s next – Michael Jordan is a resident
Followed by Virginia, the home of the first president

In West Virginian mountains we’ll get some elevation
Then we’ll jump to Delaware – the first state of the nation

Maryland’s where Babe Ruth’s from – he hit the ball so well!
Then in Pennsylvania we’ll see the Liberty Bell

It’s now time for New Jersey – I will meet you on the boardwalk
I know you cannot wait to see the famous state of New York

Next stop is Connecticut – and Hartford’s where we’ll stay
Then beautiful Rhode Island – with a nice view of the bay

Boston Masachussets is a truly mighty city
And the Vermont scenery is wonderfully pretty

Maple syrup is so nice when it’s from New Hampshire
Maine is the seafood state – we’ll sure enjoy the clams here

Then it’s up to Alaska – the land of ice and snow
Before ending in Hawaii – Hawaii Five-O!

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