Teaching toddlers colors is a fun and important step in their development. Our color chart is a useful resource, as are color videos. As you’d expect there are hundreds of color songs on YouTube, with some better than others. To save you the time, we’ve selected five we think are excellent, across a range of styles!

1. Colors Song 2 by KidsTV123

At the time of writing (July 2015), KidsTV123 are closing in on two billion views across their range of videos! And once you watch this colors song you’ll realize why: it’s simple, gentle and effective – from the voice, to the tune, to the graphics.

2. The Color Train Song by LittleBabyBum

This video is set to music, but the words are spoken. A cute train passes by and a cluster of balloons rises from each carriage and the narrator says the name of the color. The graphics are what makes this video so good – they are 3D, detailed and intriguing. And the simple way in which the colors are stated is ideal for learning.

3. Colors Song by the Learning Station

Unlike the other videos, this one features humans rather than animation. A friendly looking guy sings along to a boppy tune inviting the audience to perform a certain action if they are wearing the same color as he is. His shirt changes color several times throughout the song. We love the interactive aspect and so will toddlers – it seems he is talking directly to them when he is wearing the same colored clothing as they are. One slight criticism is the number of colors covered off – only red, blue, green, yellow, black and brown are mentioned, so make sure your toddler is wearing one of these colors!

4. The Balloon Song (for learning colors) by Toddler World TV

I really love this song. It has a nice harmony to it and I could almost envisage myself listening to it a few times just for the music. And, as far as the educational side goes, it is excellent – balloons of different colors appear and the colors are named. It is aimed not just at toddlers but also at older kids who are learning English and we think it is equally effective for both.

5. Learn the Colors Song by Guruparents

A little bit of self-promotion never hurt! Our colors song is deliberately simple and – we hope – highly effective. Each color is introduced in context, accompanied by a simple, colorful picture. And we think the song is catchy and pleasant.


So, there you have it – our top 5 color songs. We hope you find them useful and that you and your toddler enjoy them!


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