4th of July Worksheets


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The worksheets

Our 4th of July worksheets are simple, bright and themed to get your preschooler in the mood for 4th of July!

1. Words: An easy one for children who are learning to sound out words. Simply match the word to the picture.

2. Missing Vowels: Using the picture as a guide, your child will have to fill on the missing vowels. There aren’t any tricky sounds in this one.

3. Counting: Count the objects and write the number in the box provided. If necessary, you can draw it first so they can trace – as long as they tell you the number to write down!

4. Counting 2: This one has count the objects as well as some simple addition and subtraction – a little more challenging for your preschooler.

Final word

July 4 is a time of celebration and remembrance for the people of the United States. We hope that these worksheets get your preschooler in the mood for celebrations and, at the same time, learn a little something along the way!

Happy 4th of July!

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